Have you ever read Steven Covey’s “7 habits of highly effective people?” I have. In fact, I read that book at least once a year because it’s so powerful. It talks about what are the most common factors that determine if someone is highly effective or not. And that’s what we can do is apply those principles, but apply them to healthy.

Some of those healthy habits are:

Getting enough sleep. Sleep is the foundation of all health. Without it, you’ll have so many problems. You’ll have memory lapses, and it’s even estimated that you’ll be like a functional alcoholic if you go without sleep for long enough. Secondly, you’ll have hormonal problems as well as more cravings for sugar. Make sure you get up to 8 hours of sleep every night. Try not to watch TV before bed and be sure you drink enough water.

Speaking of water, make sure you drink at least 64 oz of water every day. There was an incredible book called “you’re not hungry, you’re thirsty” that talked about this phenomenon. Most people aren’t always hungry when they think they are. They’re actually just craving H20. So chances are you aren’t getting enough water into your body. This will make a huge different in your health.

Eat more veggies. Yes, this suggestion isn’t that exciting but the reality is that most American’s don’t get enough fruits and especially not vegetables in their diet. You need to be getting at LEAST 9-10 servings per day, and it’s okay if you get more. Veggies contain fiber, phytonutrients and other beneficial subtances and don’t contain a lot of calories. So you know you cant go wrong with veggies. Continue Reading

If you wanna be healthy, you better focus on mobility, plain and simple. Yes you can have extreme fitness levels like the Crossfit athletes but you’ll be taking a serious risk for injury like we wrote about in a previous article. But if you’re extremely fit but constantly in pain or have serious range of motion or mobility issues, what good is that?

Even worse, some people won’t focus on fitness at any cost, but how they appear, which in my opinion is even worse.  If you want to be healthy you have to focus on mobility. You have to be able to move. Without mobility you will have serious issues.

Mobility is the underlying secret weapon that allows you the fullness of life. With it, you have:

  • better balance
  • better strength
  • less pain
  • can get around easier
  • better tissue health
  • better joint health
  • better flexibility
  • less chance for joint replacement

If you neglect mobility because you think it’s for yogi’s or sissies or whatever, than you do it at your own risk.

You should work on mobility every single day, if you’re looking to get healthier and definitely if you’re an athlete. You’ll get injured less and you’ll recover faster. If you don’t work on your mobility, if a joint goes through a range of motion that you’re not used to, or that it shouldn’t go through, that’s when pain and strain occurs. Mobility should focus on every single joint, and each exercise should go through the full range of motion, in a 360 degree motion.

Mobilize each joint including:

  • jaw and neck
  • chin and face
  • shoulders and traps
  • chest and pecs
  • each finger and wrist
  • elbow
  • shoulder rotation (internal / external)
  • trunk rotation
  • hips (adductors/ abductors)
  • hamstrings
  • quads
  • IT bands
  • ankles
  • knees
  • toes
  • shins

If you focus on mobilizing each joint in each plane of motion, you should continue to enjoy joint health, flexibility and mobility all the days of  your life. Which is what we all want as healthy people, right?


There’s a difference between short term, crash diets, and eating for sustainable health. Sustainable health means trying to live as long as possible with as little amounts of health problems and disease and pain as possible.

When you crash diet, you tend to focus only on a short term goal. While that can be somewhat beneficial in *some* circumstances, most of the time, people who go on a diet will end up gaining most of the weight back and even some people will gain more weight.

That’s why you have to focus on the long term sustainability of your diet. And the first is the mindset.

I’ve talked before about how important the mindset is for long term health. If that’s your motive, you are in the right spot. And with the mindset comes the philosophy that you should only eat foods that are as close to God’s intention as possible. That means NO:

  • preservatives
  • artificial ingredients
  • artificial flavors
  • artificial colors
  • hyrdogenated oils
  • oil pressed with a steel press
  • processed
  • sugar
  • enriched foods
  • enhanced foods
  • antiobiotics
  • conventional / Standard american diet foods
  • foods raised with artificial growth hormones

And YES to:

  • raw fruits and vegetables
  • nuts and seeds
  • grains (mostly fermented / properly prepared and gluten free)
  • pastured eggs
  • free range, pasteured, organic meats and raw cheeses/ dairy
  • raw milk
  • organic supplements and probiotics

And that’s the basis of it all. EAT REAL FOOD as they say. The real food movement has done a great job of promoting this and I have to credit all the pioneers before myself that showed me the way. The first was Dr. Mark Hyman who I heard about in college. He wrote all about functional nutrition and using food as preventative medicine. He really detailed how you should eat for the long term and your health, not just appearance or how to have 6 pack abs.

Then the entire paleo movement really inspired me. There’s all kinds of great authors and blogs, some of them being:

to name my top four favorites, and best sources of information in my opinion. They definitely inspire me to greatness and to do awesome things.

How to eat clean

First, eliminate all processed foods. Basically when you shop, shop around the perimeter of the grocery store. You don’t need anything on the inside because it’s all crap basically.

Get a decent paleo cookbook or get recipes online like the ones I listed above from those great resources. And always make sure to meal plan. That way, you won’t be running around like a chicken with your head cut off, but you’ll actually have a decent starting point and there wont be chaos. Most people don’t fail nutritionally because they don’t know what to do, it’s because they don’t prioritize it and make a plan and stick to that plan.

That’s how you eat clean.

So there you have it, our top suggestions for eating clean and living healthy. Hope you enjoyed and now go out and have a great day!

Exercise and health are synnonmous, right?


It all depends on what forms of exercise you’re doing/ planning to do. Not all exercises were created equal. For example, some exercise can even be harmful to your health. But we wont mention any specific names or categorize anyone crossfit. So now that you’re equipped with that knowledge, which forms of exercise are best and which ones are harmful to your health? Let’s start with harmful first.



There isn’t really much to say about crossfit. Other than it’s an injury factory. Please take a look at this shameful video to highlight what I mean:

Absolutely pitiful. Embarassing. Awful are the only words I can think of. Do you think anyone in their right mind would be doing this if they’re concerned about their long term health?

Improper Strength Training

Same as crossfit (which cannot be corrected because it concedes that Olympic lifting should be used for conditioning and not 1x max), if you strength train improperly, you’re setting yourself up for a life long of possibe problems including:

  • shoulder replacements
  • hip replacements
  • knee replacements
  • back surgeries

That’s because if you can’t move properly, then there’s no way you should be loading up muscles under weight.

Improper Pilates

Pilates might seem like a good idea because it’s low impact. however, if you don’t address underlying issues such as muscle imbalances and asymmetric, then you could be setting yourself up for possible problems. Yes its a good form of exercise but only if done properly.

Improper Running

Running is a bad choice for exercise for multiple reasons. One, most people have awful form and 2. it translates into horrible and damaging impact into your body. Please don’t run unless you know what you’re doing. If you have pain, you shouldn’t be running at all. Continue Reading

I want to share couple of strategies and you can use immediately to get healthier.

photo credit bigstockphoto

photo credit bigstockphoto

First stop seeing your doctor for every little thing. Your doctor has no idea about health. They know about disease. So only go to your doctor when you’re sick. Not when you don’t feel good. But when you actually have a disease. I’m talking about some kind of virus, or a bacterial infection. And I’m not even so sure that going to the doctors the healthiest thing to do for them. Because a lot of things can be treated naturally or eliminate all together with just attrition. But obviously if you haven’t done shop or you going to car accident you’re going to want to go see your doctor. But like I said your doctor doesn’t know that much about health is not so if you have some guy peddle pain medicine and not do anything. For that you should go do some exercise and get some bodywork.

Another thing is to actually take high-quality nutritional supplements. Don’t take an over-the-counter multivitamin GNC or Walmart or some crap like that. Make sure you take natural may supplements that are basically food-based. You want to take a probiotic and here’s the one that we recommend. You’ll want to take a good green whole food supplement complex and here is the one that we recommend. You will want to take good fish oil and we recommend the Sprouts.com brand.
And you’ll also want to take CBD as  well and I recommend a few different brands and you’ll want to take this little black powder substance known as Black MP living water (www.blackmp.net – use coupon code “dave” at checkout and yes, we are affiliates for this and may receive financial compensation if you purchase through that link).
Because that has minerals that you can’t get anywhere else. In the room cause of all disease noon mineral deficiency.  Mineral deficiency leads to all kinds of problems. Another thing you do to get healthy right away is exercise. Doing anything. Not even exercising but just moving first. I love the functional movement systems motto of move well, move often. Grey Cook and those guys do a great job and I think movement can be fun and also functional and it is a medicine. It’s not like medicine is medicine because it has those kind of characteristics and only medicine to give and only exercise and movement.
Those are couple things that you can do to get healthy right away. Can you guys think of anything else?

Healthy people LLC is all about natural medicine and helping you heal yourself-naturally. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. He’s also quoted as saying patient, healed I self. So there has to be an emphasis on self-care. And a natural approach. Yes we should take conventional medicine into consideration when dealing with the body and health and disease, but probably as a last resort. I mean unless you have a Traumatic type injury, for the most part you should really be seeing a medical doctor. Or let you have some kind of disease like a bacterial infection in, a virus, or a Traumatic injury such as a gunshot wound leaving for a few sleep, Or if you are bleeding profusely. And honestly I don’t even know if most medical doctors know how to treat cancer. I’m not even sure the cancer is a disease so much as it is your body’s last defense mechanism before death. I mean seriously,  think about it. We all have cancer cells and it’s just a matter of a fact that some of us have more. And when we have less I can’t read text it goes into remission. But what really causes cancer? We know a lot of things contribute to cancer. That’s for sure. But the medical establishment would have you believe that it’s a actual disease almost like one they can be hot like a cold or the flu or virus or infection that can be spread. But it’s not. It’s A disease that takes many years and a lot of times the cancerous tumor’s can’t even be detected until it’s too late. So a medical approach to cancer is all wrong it’s all about reaction and set of pro activity, as well as the approach to just about every single disease and even conditions like obesity and diabetes. So we want to educate you on everything natural not just for the sake of being natural and being like a hippie,, But it’s the right thing to do. It’s true medicine that naturalpathic medicine is. I’m not saying never take medicine in life, but use them very very wise. You know the average American is on tons of medications putting into depressing soon other mind altering substance is that have negative effects on the body and the mind. So that something you probably don’t want to do. And if you want more information about the pharmaceutical companies in their native effects, please watch this following video and you might be shocked as to what they’re really doing behind-the-scenes.

And don’t even get a start on vaccines. The whole vaccine debate is basically total garbage. I mean seriously, somebody in their 70s and how many vaccines to be fully vaccinated? Three? How much did good nutrition and sanitation really change the occurrences and high rates of infectious disease including things like measles, polio and other diseases that can be spread. But we now know for sure that there is no cure for any virus.

There are things that you can take such as vaccines that might prevent you from getting certain strand of the flu bug, but for the most part you can’t do anything once you have the virus other than take a lot of vitamin C and take humic acid which improves the cells ability to flush out the virus and prevented from even attaching to the cell itself.… There are so many things that I would like to say I just don’t have time to save them all but over the course of writing this blog I hope to share with you as much as I can about living a healthy natural lifestyle I will void all of the negative effects of standard medical care and the standard American diet instead of American diseases. May God be with you!